How We Grow

No Herbicides, No Pesticides, No Artificial Ingredients

Our goal is to leave the soil better than we found it. This means better growing texture, more biologically active, balanced nutrient content.  North Idaho soils are characterized by rocky, thin topsoil and high acidity; the land we are currently leasing is no exception. Topsoil building is our current goal. Our field prep involves copious compost incorporation, double digging, and broadforking. We continue healthy soil building by practicing no-till agriculture, getting annual soil tests, and using biologically active fertilizers like organic compost, organic compost tea, and organic fish fertilizer. We are not organic certified, as all our produce is sold locally. We do not spray pesticides of any kind, organic or non-organic. Please ask us anything about our soil amendments, or soil quality in general! We’re dirt nerds, and always looking for new, locally specific dirt questions and information.

We try to use as little plastic as possible throughout the growing process. That includes using soil blocks to germinate seeds, using overhead impact sprinklers (at night) instead of drip tape lines, and selling with recycled paper bags instead of plastic whenever possible.

Blue Fingers Farm is designed to be financially sustainable; we believe part of that is paying a living wage. We do not offer unpaid or underpaid internships or apprenticeships. We are not currently hiring, but we are a growing business and are always planning for the future.  If you want to work with us, email and come introduce yourself at the Sandpoint Farmer’s Market.

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