Our farm currently only grows produce wholesale for restaurants. We’re only on the farm part-time while we build infrastructure for more crops and season extension.

Our specialty crop is baby salad greens. We grow 23 varieties of greens and herbs that we mix and match to build custom salad mixes for local restaurants; we work with chefs to build salads that express the personality and flavor profiles of our local cuisine.

Our produce is grown organically, with no pesticides of any kind. Our growing practices are regenerative, focusing on building soil health through minimizing tillage, heavy mulching, and intensive cover cropping.

Leigh Bercaw is the one and only farmer at Blue Fingers Farm. She started her farming career working at Red Wagon Farm in Boulder, Colorado; moved on to Willowood Farm of Ebey’s Prairie on Whidbey Island, and moved to Sandpoint to start Blue Fingers in 2017.

Blue Fingers Farm is located at 575 Gooby Rd, Sandpoint ID. We are not currently hiring or accepting any farm visitors. If you need to get in touch please email at

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