How We Sell

The bulk of our produce is sold to restaurants in the Sandpoint area; North Idaho has long held a reputation for being “meat and potatoes” cuisine. We are working to showcase and grow the expertise and diversity of Sandpoint’s culinary scene. We bring our seed catalogues to chefs that are seeking/supporting local produce to address the gaps in produce availability that come from living in a rural area of the Inland Northwest. Currently you can find our produce in Beet & Basil, Spuds Waterfront Grill, The Fat Pig, and The Pie Hut.

We sell produce and naturally-leavened bread on Saturdays at the Sandpoint Farmer’s Market; the market runs from 9AM to 1PM.  Sandpoint’s Market has over 100 vendors of produce, baked goods, prepared foods, and local artists.  It’s a great way to spend a morning sampling Sandpoint’s culture and characters.


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