Introducing: Bread, by Lydia

We are beyond excited to eat and sell this bread. We intend to give away free samples of a loaf every day the produce stands are open. Please come try a sample before we eat all of them.

Baked by the incomparable Lydia Tollbom, this bread was born the morning that you buy it. Organic flour, and incorporating herbs grown by Blue Fingers Farm. Crunchy, yet chewy, it’s the unicorn of breads. SELLING A LOAF FOR $5. That’s the same price as Dave’s Killer Bread…made by a local wonderwoman!

Three Rotating Flavors (So Far):IMG_2722

Simple Bread

Roasted Garlic Dill

Cinnamon Honey Craisin

I heard a rumor Lydia is currently working on a Coffee Chocolate Bread….made with coffee instead of water during the rising process. I don’t understand the science but I will absolutely let you know if this sweet princess makes it to market! That Lydia….what is she going to come up with next?

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