Blue Fingers at Sandpoint’s Wednesday Farmer’s Market

We’re going to market! Finally! Despite all odds, and some incredibly lengthy rainy spells, we made it to a market in May! We must admit, the selection is low right now, but the arugula is BOOMING and highly recommended! Below is a list of available chow. We will be there from 3:00-5:30.

BULK SALAD CROPS: (see How We Sell for details)

Arugula! It loved us by growing quickly, and we intend to repay it by selling it to you. Ideal peppery and tender taste in the spring.

Spicy Salad Mix: If you like the arugula, you’ll love the mix. Red and green mustard greens, mizuna, and tatsoi. Great fresh or lightly braised.

Radish Mix: The radishes have been neck and neck with the arugula. French Breakfast Radishes, White and Pink Easter Egg Radishes, and the classic Red Radish! May we suggest a French Breakfast Radish sliced thin on a piece of Lydia’s Simple Bread, with butter “bien sûr.”

Baby Kale: Come meet kale at its most tender. Green Curly, Red Curly, Red Russian, and Tuscan.

I bet it tastes as tender as it looks.

We may or may not bring lettuce…come to the market and find out!

Lydia’s Bread will also be present. I hear she’s baking Simple Bread (a wondrously chewy white bread) and Cranberry Raisin Honey, which I haven’t tried but intend to ASAP.

And Plant Starts! If you like the kale, why not grow some?

We have been making signs all week and I can now say I have officially mastered free-handing Google’s “Rye” font. Can’t wait to show them to you! And my Sharpie Paint Pen blisters.

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