Welcome to the 2018 Growing Season with Blue Fingers Farm

Hello again! After 6 long months of snow and sub-zero temperatures, it’s finally time to grow plants again. I am proud to announce that Blue Fingers Farm survived its first season, and is feeling incautiously optimistic about going for a second one! Here are some highlights of the upcoming season.

Alani stocking the goods at the Sandpoint Market

Sandpoint Market Moved to Saturdays:

I am going to sell at the Sandpoint Farmer’s Market on Saturdays instead of Wednesdays this year. Wednesdays are the little leagues, and Blue Fingers is trying out for big leagues. Find us across from the Wells Fargo on N 4th Ave. from 9am-1pm every Saturday throughout the summer. I am going to be majorly expanding fresh bread production, incorporating new sourdough and whole grain recipes; big plans to bring root vegetable bunches, bagged greens, fresh herbs, and a whole lot of cherry tomatoes once they hit. Yeehaw!

Priest Lake CSA running July-September

I am so grateful and moved by the dedication of my Priest Lake customers, I’ve designed a produce ordering system just for them! I am going to offer a monthly pre-ordering program where a family can sign up for a month of seasonal vegetables, fruits, farm fresh eggs, and/or fresh bread through July, August, and September. This is the first year the program is running, so the membership will be limited to 20 customers. I’ll be explaining more in mid-June…stay tuned!

Restaurant Orders Expanding

After a chaotic and exciting first year for both of us,  the friendship between Blue Fingers Farm and Beet & Basil is blossoming into a beautiful partnership. This year I took my seed catalogue straight to the chef and asked her what she would like me to grow. I’ve got a great stash of herbs and unique greens up my sleeve for her, and I can’t wait to see what she and her crew will do with them. I’m looking forward to expanding our greens sales to a few other restaurants in the Sandpoint and Priest Lake areas.

Mission Impossible:  supply Beet & Basil’s beets and basil

We Lost Caitlin to Missoula

Bad news for us, great news for Missoula! My trusty farming partner has moved on to greener pastures with more career opportunities. Blue Fingers is less without her, but I’m so grateful for her help through the inaugural season; could not have done it without her and will be carrying her ideas and support forward through extended phone calls.

Welcome Alani to the Sweet Chaotic World of Farmer’s Markets

I hired a new Farmers Market Assistant! Her name is Alani, and she is exactly what the doctor ordered. This is her first experience working at a Farmer’s Market and I can’t wait to see what new ideas and contributions she brings to the booth. If you’re at the market, stop by and say hi! She’s very friendly, and she doesn’t bite.

I Have A Puppy

Please welcome my sidekick to Blue Fingers Farm! Her name is Murphy, she is also very friendly, and she does bite. In a friendly puppy way. She will not be at the Farmer’s Markets so you’ll have to visit us in Priest Lake if you want to meet her. How’s that for bait? She is currently undergoing training to become a certified avalanche rescue dog at Schweitzer Mountain Resort.

Murphy’s Law Goldfish Bercaw, hard at work.

bluefingersfarm Avatar

3 responses to “Welcome to the 2018 Growing Season with Blue Fingers Farm”

  1. Lynn Avatar

    Dang thats a good looking dog and some SERIOUSLY sexy plants! Look at those buddies! They’re huge!
    LOVE the CSA plan. And you’re going to be the next Babe Ruth of the Saturday markets. OVER THE FENCES!!!! (That’s how your plants will be growin’)


    1. bluefingersfarm Avatar

      i love you.


  2. Katie Ailor Avatar
    Katie Ailor

    Can I sign up to be one of Priest CSA?


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