Sign up for the July Priest Lake CSA

We are ready to launch our new monthly produce subscription service for Priest Lake! CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture; it is a produce subscription system that is used nationally on organic farms to connect devoted customers with farmers and build the relationships between local food buyers and local food providers. This website has a great explanation of why CSAs help small farmers succeed. In a CSA, the customer signs up for a “share” of produce; they buy the produce in advance, and pick it up once a week; the choices at the pick-up are based off of what produce is seasonally available. Traditionally a CSA share supplies an entire summer of produce; my CSA is only going to run monthly. A central part of CSA is that not all vegetables are available all the time; the vegetables available at the pick-up are what I have to offer based off of what crops are ripe, doing well, or in abundance.

Pre-ordering produce helps me bring produce to Priest Lake because it helps me plan my harvest and condense my delivery time into one weekly pick-up. The pick up for July will be Thursday, July 5th, July 12th, and July 19th, from 4-7pm at the Catholic church parking lot next to the Tamrak. If you are not available for the pick-up, please don’t sign up for the CSA; I will not be doing any personal deliveries this year.  Thank you for your interest in local food! As my business grows I hope to expand to more options for buying my products in Priest Lake.

Subscription is limited to 10 people for July, so the form will not be open when subscription is full. Stay tuned to the website for early notice of the August CSA!

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2 responses to “Sign up for the July Priest Lake CSA”

  1. Katie Ailor Avatar
    Katie Ailor

    I can not wait!!


  2. […] if you have no idea what I’m talking about, please see this post explaining last month’s CSA system and what the heck CSA is all […]


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